Speech Fault correction


who is it for?

We have a good track record helping people who mumble, have a lisp (also known as sibilance) or slight to moderate stutter. If you've tried a speech pathologist and got no results, or were disappointed with the results of speech therapy, please give us a try.

What will you learn?

Most speech faults result from incorrect formation of vowels and consonants. This means that most issues can be corrected. Depending on your specific challenges, we can devise a training program best suited to your needs. You will be shown how to modify your speech patterns and sound formation. Ongoing exercises will ensure long term improvement.


We've managed to correct even the worst lisps and mumbling. There are no guarantees with stuttering or stammering, but we are confident that we can make a difference to your life.


$100 per hour. Total number of sessions depend on severity of speech fault, but typically 4 sessions.

availability and bookings

Speech fault correction sessions are available in our Sydney office or via Skype Australia wide or for international clients.

Please call 0410 693 749 for more information or to make a booking.
Email: joe@speakup.com.au