pronunciation improvement


who is it for?

If you were ever unsure about how to pronounce certain words and sounds, or if you mumble or people constantly ask you to repeat what you say, then you could benefit from a few training sessions. If you already speak English fluently, then 2 or 3 lessons will cover all the topics.

What will you learn?

Correct pronunciation of vowels and consonants, stressing consonant sounds for greater clarity,
positioning of the tongue and mouth for best voice production. Each session is tailored to your needs and can be combined with any other communication topic. We teach RP, or received pronunciation, which is the current standard for English speakers.


Having acquired all the technical skills necessary for clear pronunciation, you will come across as educated and articulate. This will give you greater confidence when communicating at any level.
The exercises and resources you will receive will enable you to continue your improvement through self study.


$100 per hour. Number of hours depend on your current pronunciation skills. Typically 3-4 hours.

course availability and bookings

Private pronunciation improvement lessons are conducted at our Sydney location. Business hours and after hours times are available. For Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australian clients, this module is also available via Skype.

Please call 0410 693 749 for an appointment or for further inquiries.