elocution lessons


who is it for?

This course is ideal for anybody who would like to "polish" their English speaking skills to achieve ultimate clarity through perfect pronunciation, grammar, style and tone. You are never too young or too old to take elocution classes. In fact we've trained children as young as 5 to mature students in their 80s.

What will you learn?

Our standard Elocution course consists of 4 sessions (usually spread over 4 x 1 hour weekly classes), We will cover all aspects of proper speech, with special emphasis on voice projectionl, tone and perfect formation of sounds. The lessons can be combined with other topics of interest such as presentation skills and public speaking.


Upon completion of your elocution training, you will have all the necessary tools to speak eloquently, but without sounding elitist. You will feel confident in any social or corporate setting in the knowledge that your verbal and non verbal skills are of the highest standard. Your enunciation, voice power and articulation will convey credibility and an inner strength.


$100 per hour. Number of hours depend on desired outcome. Typically 4 hours.

course availability and bookings

Elocution training is a private face to face course available by appointment at our Sydney location. For Interstate and overseas clients, Skype lessons are also available. We've coached clients of all ages in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart and all around Australia and the world.

Please call 0410 693 749 for further inquiries or to make a booking.
Email: joe@speakup.com.au