customer service courses


who is it for?

Businesses and organizations of any size who wish to put a customer service system into place. Many companies take an adhoc approach to customer service. We will show you and your staff how to turn customer service into part of the culture of your business.

What will your staff learn?

How to speak clearly to the customer through positive verbal and non verbal communication, how to exceed your customer's expectations, how to handle customer complaints and dispute resolution and how to improve the customer's experience and "feel good factor."


Your customers will have an improved perception of your organization. Customer satisfaction invariably results in better business for your organization.


Prices will vary according to scope of the course and group size. For a guide, please go to prices.

customer service workshop availability

We can run a customer service training program either on your premises or ours. We offer this course in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and all around Australia via Teleconferencing or Skype.

Please call 0410 693 749 for more information on our customer service training.