business communication


who is it for?

Any organization, big or small, that requires staff training in any aspect of speech and communication. Our typical clients include accounting firms, engineering and IT companies, government departments and law firms.

What will your staff learn?

The courses are tailored to your company's and staff's specific requirements. For example many organizations employ staff for whom English is a second language. We have accent reduction programs and elocution courses as well as effective business communication and presentation skills workshops.


Better communication skills and clarity of speech invariably mean a better work environment and happier customers.


Prices vary according to length of training and number of staff. For a price guide, please go to prices.

Business communication course availability

We can devise a course at a time suitable for you. The training can be conducted on your business premises during or after business hours. We are Sydney based, but can also offer on site training in Melbourne and Brisbane and all around Australia by Teleconferencing or Skype

Please call 0410 693 749 to discuss your organization's needs. Email: